• Beautiful Melbourne!
    During the first kick in of the first song of the first of four consecutive shows this weekend I jumped, landed awkwardly and tore two muscles and a tendon in the back of my calf! Under normal circumstances that would mean the start of a pretty bad weekend, but luckily I’m surrounded by people who don’t let bad weekends happen! Friday and Saturday night at @maxwattshouseofmusic were some of the most fun shows we have ever played and they wouldn’t have happened without the help and support of my incredible friends and everyone who is part of team Smithies! They also wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t feel like the crowd would have my back… but the people who listen to our music are the most supportive, beautiful people in the fucking universe and you all made me feel like actual royalty sitting up on that incredible throne (THANKYOU @callumpreston)! The pain disappears pretty quick when I get to hang out with all of you! Also, thank you to everyone who braved the cold on Sunday night for the launch of Refugee Week! What a fucking honour to be involved with something that means so much to us! And last but not least a very special thanks to @lucabrasitassie @joelistics & @jesslockemusic for a wonderful tour!
    Anyway, back to bed, I love you all very much!
    Wil xoxo
    (Photo by @mattwarrellphoto) (at Max Watt’s Melbourne)